Monday, 10 August 2009

Blog 1.

So I've Twitted, and now I'm blogging. Why? Because everyone else is!! And because I got tired of Facebook and the endless spamming.

I guess the real reason is this: I'm a photographer. And yes, there are lots of us out there, but at the tender age of 32 I think I've discovered what I want to be. Perhaps it's come too late? Perhaps not? Perhaps I'm lucky to have discovered what I want to do with my life at all - I wonder how many people go a whole life without ever really discovering what there calling was?

Ok, so I've been shooting for 5 years now, doing weddings for 4, but this year it feels real. Hard to explain why - maybe it's just because I'm better than last year?

Anyway, I'll update this with photos, photography thoughts, wedding photography experiences + endless other stuff fresh from my brain...


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